VEZNA-II anti-stress bulbs set

sketch size

Recycled To Inspire

To craft this vase we use defective lightbulbs. The outsiders that can’t make it to become “real” lamps. Those considered unworthy… This time their story is different. Instead of going in the trash they come to our design workshop. Here we recycled them in a way that allows you to make an extraordinary piece of art and be the artist yourself!

What is your genius telling you? Plant holder for succulents or dried flowers, terrarium, message in a bottle, something exceptional? Unleash your creativity and see where it goes! There is no right or wrong. Whatever you like is what it should be (only keep in mind instructions inside). You are the captain of your ship and master of your world!

Design by Paladim

We are designers and builders, dreamers and visionaries. Our creations posses unique character and strong presence - bizzare and mesmerizing. Looking like from a future era where there is no place for anything unneccessary and useless, anything fake and dishonest... (read more)