BIG RAFT oversized wall shelf/clock

big raft wall clock shelf sketch by paladim handmade
This is the Big Raft - because it is big! Measuring 58x58x8cm (23x23x3.2 inches). His smalles boxes (on the four corners) inside measure 18x18cm (7.2x7.2 inches) leaves you enough space to use the shelf for your creative ideas and create a beautiful decor.

The back has two hooks on which the whole Raft is held. So all you need for the mounting is two screws in the wall. Fast and easy!

The Raft will hardly ever be heard making a noise due to the quiet clock mechanisms we use. This feature will fit quite well in your home or office, giving it a chilling atmosphere and comfort.

And let's not forget, it works with a standard AA 1.5V battery.

Design by Paladim

We are designers and builders, dreamers and visionaries. Our creations posses unique character and strong presence - bizzare and mesmerizing. Looking like from a future era where there is no place for anything unneccessary and useless, anything fake and dishonest... (read more)

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