MASHINA desk lamp

Desirable, tough and serving a purpose... No, this is not your hero man, but his lamp!
The MASHINA desk lamp is a manly item indeed. A lamp among lamps! It has what it takes to be a real man's lamp!

bullet Practical and meaningful design;
 Men have purpose, so do and their belongings!

bullet Mechanics and engineering put into action;
 Men love to know how things work!

bullet Rough edges and strong presence;
 Men support other men!

bullet No useless elements;
 Men don't need such!

bullet Made by hand and made to last;
 Men recognize quality when they see it!

bullet Nuts and bolts...
 Men know the difference...

Height varies from 30cm up to 50cm
G9 x 1 MAX 3W (LED only)
100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Adjustable arms
Cable length 2m (black)
In-cord switch

More than design...

We are designers and builders, dreamers and visionaries...

Our creations posses unique character and strong presence - bizzare and mesmerizing. Looking like from a future era where there is no place for anything unneccessary and useless, anything fake and dishonest... (read more)

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