HART heart wall clock

Looking fancy, right? We played with the design and came up with this modern heart wall clock. The right piece of decor for a creative office, right?

You know the nasty ticking sound wall clocks usually make, right? The tick-tick-tick that never stops and even drives you crazy sometimes? Yes, we know it, too. But we have the solution - silent clock mechanism! The Romb clock uses this type of equipment so his hands move continuously without making a sound. And what’s better than this?

The creative touch Hart brings to his surroundings! If you have a space that needs something fresh, you hang a Romb in it and... Voilà! You may also get compliments on it, but hopefully this won’t bother you. Now you can go on with your stuff without being distracted and with a dose of inspiration.

We will make your Hart for you upon order and ship from our workshop in Bulgaria. Your package will be well packaged and taken good care of so when you have it, you’ll love it!

PS: Some details you may find useful:

• Size: 30x40cm / 12”x16”
• Battery: 1.5V AA (regular one)
• Linden wood structure
• Easy to hang hook on the back
• Silent clock mechanism

Design by Paladim

We are designers and builders, dreamers and visionaries. Our creations posses unique character and strong presence - bizzare and mesmerizing. Looking like from a future era where there is no place for anything unneccessary and useless, anything fake and dishonest... (read more)