About Paladim

Paladim is a Bulgarian based design studio recognized for creating one-of-a-kind items for homes and offices around the world.

Paladim began in 2012 when graphic designer and founder Dimitar Palanski was working on a desk lamp prototype for a design contest. With background in game development and robotics, Dimitar has been inventing and creating since a young age. "I used to dream about having my own Dexter's lab, but the Paladim Workshop is beyond anything I have ever dreamt of" he says.

Together with its team of designers and crafters, the company values creating products that are exceptional and bizzare. Today, Paladim creations are sold in ove over 80 countries.

More than design...

We are designers and builders, dreamers and visionaries...

Our creations posses unique character and strong presence - bizzare and mesmerizing. Looking like from a future era where there is no place for anything unneccessary and useless, anything fake and dishonest.

We imagine a world with less clutter, less stress, but more freedom of the mind. Freedom to rid yourself of life's excess in favor of focusing on what's important - so you can find happiness, fulfillment and success.

And this is the world we are creating - through our projects we embody a lifestyle of simplicity and purpose. We also prove that simple doesn't mean dull. And like people have purpose in life, the same way elements have their individual purpose in the construction of every product we make. Never do we use nonessential elements and decorations. But we always create amazing items that excite and help in your favourite everyday activities.


Made to last. Designed to inspire.

With our hands we give life to every product that goes out of the workshop. Our products possess character and charisma. Sometimes they even feel like they will hop off your desk and run away. Still, for most of their lifecycle Paladim designs will keep you company in the world between fantasy and reality. The place where creativity flows like a harpoon and ideas are immense... you know it.

We love natural forms, forms that make sense. They resonate with the mind without creating confusion, so seamless. They possess the genuine beauty of simplicity.

Our projects titles

Every project we turn into a product is named after a word in Bulgarian language. Usually we use associations that are related with the product and the object in Bulgarian.

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